Gwyn Tanner (The Skipper) drives the boat and as an ex-fisherman has years of sea-going experience along with a host of local knowledge.   He is a fully accredited Wildlife Safe Operator and a member of DSP.   





Spud (Skipper's Border Collie) will always guarantee an enthusiastic welcome!   She occasionally travels on the boat by request only.   She also only workes on a part time basis so if you specifically wish her to be there, please call for her rota.








Our Boat

Our Boat, Corbiere, is a 24' Dory with Waterjet Engine,(no propellors or moving parts underneath) is designed specifically for wildlife watching and to have a low impact on the environment.    It has an excellent power to weight ratio, is very economical to operate and therefore leaves an extremely small carbon footprint.   It will carry up to 12 passengers in safety and comfort.  

The on-board PA system ensures no-one will miss any of the Skipper's amusing comentary.



Our Office

Our Office underwent a major refurbishment over the winter and we waved goodbye to the village model which can now be seen in the foyer of Fortrose Library.   We have gone for the minimalistic look and pics will follow once everything is in place.     

We also have one or two attractive souvenirs for sale.   Please allow extra time for browsing.

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